About - Dr Richard Benveniste
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“My belief in the importance of healthy teeth and gums began at a young age.  When I was a child my father lost all of his teeth.  He was only 45 years old.  It was then that he took my brother, sisters and I into the bathroom to teach us how to brush and floss properly.

Because of that, I’ve never had a cavity or suffered from gum disease. I became a periodontist because I fully understood that without sound healthy gums and underlying bone, people’s teeth would naturally suffer or be lost altogether.  Gum disease has reached almost epidemic proportions – affecting 3 out of 4 adults.  Sadly, most people don’t realize they have it until their gums and underlying bone are badly damaged.

I’m proud to offer some of the latest treatment options for gum disease.

But, I’m convinced that the best way to treat it is to prevent it.  That’s why I’m committed to educating the public about proper care of teeth and gums. Through better awareness, my goal is to help people detect gum disease in its early stages, long before gum and bone tissue becomes disfigured and begins to erode.

I also understand it’s quite common to have fears or concerns about going to the dentist.  That’s why I do everything in my power to make your visit a comfortable one.  I am always happy to answer any questions you may have.”

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Previous three term officer of State Dental Board of California practicing as an expert, consultant, evaluator & teacher in the treatment of TMJ, personal injury, lien cases, and dental injury.

Multiple distinguished service citations from California State.

Department of Consumer Affairs.

Provider of continuing education courses on oral diagnosis, oral medicine, treatment modalities, TMJ diagnosis, and therapy.

Multiple long term national and regional professional organization memberships.